iPAC for apple device issue

iPAC App

When viewing the analog input through the iPAC app, the R1W loses communication. Within the app, the analog point is defined as a digital input as well. This app is used daily with our devices (both apple and android - condition is the same for android). Is this a know issue? When could we see an app update?


Hello Jaket,

What do you mean, exactly, by: “the R1W loses communication”? What are your symptoms besides the analog point looking like a digital input?

Do you also have access to that SNAP-PAC-R1-W via a PC + PAC Manager? It’s possible that something is amiss with communication between the R1 and the module, and PAC Manager is the tool you’d need to tell.

For example, in PAC Manager, Tools > Inspect [Status Read] if you scroll down a bit you can see “Times Discovered” for each of the modules (in a perfect world, those are all 0s). Also, a little further up there’s a “Smart Modules Present” which is a bit map of where that R1 is seeing smart modules like your AITM-i. If those are wonky that could indicate a number of things (lots of electrical noise? power supply dying?) which could cause that R1 to have trouble getting real values from the module.

Also check out PAC Manager, Tools > [Analog Point] on the Module position where your AITM-i is located. What’s the “Type” in the top right of that screen? (Hopefully AITM…)

Just in case it is an app issue, what version(s) of the apps are you using?