iOS 14 and the Opto 22 Mobile Apps

TL;DR: groov View for iOS and iPAC will work on iPhones running iOS 14, but not iPads running iPadOS 14. We recommend that if you rely on those applications, you hold off on upgrading when iOS 14 is released today, Wednesday September 16, 2020.

The Opto 22 Mobile Apps have never been updated to support iPad multitasking, and in the recent iOS 14 betas they started crashing on launch on iPads. I thought we’d have more lead time between Apple announcing a GM release for iOS 14 and general public availability, but they only gave us about 14 hours, and that wasn’t enough time to retrofit multitasking support in there. I’m working on it, but it’ll probably be late this week / early next week before groov View for iOS is ready, and I’m not sure on the timeline for iPAC.

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