IO Unit Memory Map Layout

I was wondering if there is full description of the IO memory map and what each address applies to.
A bug I was chasing in one of my applications was erroneously writing nonsense to an incorrect address and I was just curious as to what is actually held at that address and what I had actually changed when incorrectly setting it to 5. Setting it to 5 caused a scaling error popup in PAC Manager that I had not encountered before. Problem corrected, I think. The error went away when this value is 0.
The address was 0xF0310408.

Its not in the manual.

So yeah, if its not listed, its hard to say exactly what it was changing.
You could try looking a few either side of that address and get a feel for the possible area, but even that would be a guess.

Thanks Ben. This document looks like it has some good info.
I just found what the address refers to. It is the Control Function For Communication Port 1 on Serial 1 for the S2 controller memory map. So no harm done sending it nonsense.

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