IO control strategy


I have a control strategy in IO Control, it is a backup from another computer. When I open it, it tells me the following: “Inf file with has an invalid path”, when reviewing the file, there are indeed paths that no longer exist; How can I correct this, to open the control strategy.

Thank you so much.

Hi There.

Sounds like you are using a backup rather than an archive?
If you have an archive on the computer, use that.
Better still, if you save the strategy to the controller during the download, then you can use PAC Terminal and upload that as it will be exactly what is running.

Unzip the archive and you be up and running.

hi Beno,

this was the solution, once again thanks for the great support.

"Este mensaje de error se produce cuando se utilizan versiones anteriores de ioControl en sistemas operativos más nuevos, como Windows 7 o Windows 10. El software ioControl es más antiguo que estos sistemas operativos y no se admite su ejecución.

Puede usar el sistema operativo en el que es compatible su versión de ioControl y funcionará. Si desea continuar usando el sistema operativo no compatible, existen algunos pasos para solucionar el problema que se encuentra en KB80471: