Internet Connection sharing to link to PAC controller

Has anyone has been able to connect to a PAC controller using Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) in Windows?

My setup is:
Wifi --> Wifi stick --> Win7 computer <-- RJ45 port <-- Cat 5e cable <-- SNAP-PAC R1.

I’ve read through and followed the ICS tutorials on Microsofts website but am still unable to ping or communicate with the R1 controller. Enabling the ICS on the Wifi (IP 192.168.1.***) to share with the RJ45 port re-configures the port with a 192.168.137.*** address. Naturally, I reconfigured my controller to have a 192.168.137.*** address too but that didn’t solve it. I’m guessing my problem is that I have two different address groups that are unable to communicate?

Hi Arlin,

Is there a firewall in any of this?
Im thinking it should work, but port 22001 is getting blocked somewhere?

Yes, your right, my network antennas are twitching with the thought that you are on two different subnets and there is no crossing over… Can you hookup a laptop in place of the PAC and see how you go surfing the web?
Once you have port 80 working outbound, it might be a better starting point?

That said, what you are trying to do is exactly what Internet connection sharing is all about, so it should be doable.

Take a look at your subnet masks, again, it might be easier to get all this working with a laptop (and you can run pac sim or softpac on the laptop and once you are surfing the web, then test with PAC Terminal, once its all working, just note the settings and drop your PAC R1 in place of the laptop).

Lets know how you go or if you have any more questions on this one.