Interactive Trend 2 of 4 Pens Labels Show when Hovering

I can’t figure out why 2 of the 4 pens in the interactive trend labels show up when hovering the mouse pointer over them, 2 do not. Using groov version R4.3g I see that a new version is available, but I want to resolve this before updating. Larry

It can be a bit a bit tricky to highlight all the pens when hovering over if you have a very high sample rate.
Try a lower rate or a shorter time span on the trend.
I have seen what you describe, and setting a more balanced scan rate vs total graph duration is the only way forward.

Some nice new features and bug fixes in the new version, I would not hesitate to update.

The trend sample rate is 5 min intervals over 4 weeks span. What do you suggest? Thanks, Larry

Well, that explains why you are having trouble picking up every point on every pen. That’s a very dense trend.
You know your process better than I (and the reasons for having a 4 week trend), so look for a better balance of the sample rate vs span that will allow you to hover and view.

Okay thanks Ben, I will give it a try and test it out.