Installing Ignition Edge 8 on the Groov-AR1?

I have a 1GB Groov AR1 running Ignition Edge 7.9.11. I want to upgrade to Ignition Edge 8. I was wondering if anyone has run into any issues with running Ignition Edge 8 on a 1 GB AR1.

Thank you
Michael Johnson

Welcome to the forums Michael.

At this stage its not possible. In fact, you cant even pass ‘go’ on this process since the AR1 does not include shell (SSH) access which would be a pre-req for doing something like this.
Since that’s not an option, exactly zero people have tried to do the update, even us folk here at Opto.

On the positive side… the EPIC PR1 can (optionally) have SSH access and its possible (difficult, but possible) to put Ignition 8 on the PR1.

On an even more positive note the software engineers here at Opto are actively working on an EPIC firmware update that will include Ignition 8, so no SSH required on your behalf. (Sorry, no ETA on that firmware release date yet - its a big job, Ignition 8 changed A LOT of things from 7).

Thanks for the reply. It sounds like I need a upgrade even thou we just bought the AR1. I don’t suppose we could get a trade in plus cash for a EPIC PR1?

That’s something you can take up with your sales rep (or directly with our sales staff) - and I encourage you to reach out and ask…

Its not something we can handle through these (technical) forums.