Installing Amazon GreenGrass Core on groov EPIC

You may already know that groov EPIC is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) partner device, but the software installation requires some specific steps, the first of which is to obtain and install a shell license.
After that, all of the documentation you should need is on the AWS documentation website, but to make it easier for new users, I’m going to list all the links and steps you will need here in this post.

Since EPIC uses Armv7l architecture, you can mostly follow the AWS documentation for installing GGC on Linux here:
All of the required dependencies are already included on the latest EPIC firmware, with the exception of the gcc user and user group, which are covered in the linked guide.

The last thing is a “cgroups” fix that’s covered on this page:
What that boils down to is downloading a script, making it executable, then running it on your groov EPIC with the following shell commands:

chmod +x
sudo bash ./

Also, before installing the software you can also run their dependency checker to ensure that everything is good to go.

The last thing to note is that the Linux documentation specifies the command “apt” but you should use “apt-get” instead with groov EPIC.

If you go through this and set up an AWS GGC implementation please make a post in the thread below so we can hear about what you’re doing with Amazon + Opto.

And as always, happy coding!