Injecting POE on ETH 0

Will the RIO be harmed if the POE cable is plugged into ETH 0? I know Opto22 well enough it probably works just fine, but the label shows ETH 1 with POE specs, and I thought it best to ask here before trying.


You can plug the PoE cable to ETH0, it will not harm the goov RIO. Doing so, you need to power the groov RIO via the DC power connector with 10-32VDC. Only ETH 1 supports the PoE feature to power the device.

Excellent - thanks for your reply. In that line of thought, if I inject using ETH 1, can I chain other POE devices such as additional RIOs out ETH 0?

Found the answer to my own question on this topic: Groov RIO in the flesh

Answer: no, POE is only on ETH 1

Correct, PoE is only on ETH 1 and cannot be daisy chained to other devices.

To flesh out both answers a little more since people are asking…

In the same vain that you can plug Eth0 on the RIO into a PoE and not have any issues, you can also plug EPIC or any other Ethernet device into the PoE and not have any issues.
There is a hardware setup unique to PoE that signals the power to flow.

The PoE specification does not allow for daisy chaining due to the power requirements. Each device taking ~10watts would mean that the first device in the chain would need to pass say 90-100w for the 10 device chain, on top of the PoE switch having to source the total amount of power out of one port… so you can easily see how things would get out of hand and so the PoE specification simply does not allow for daisy chaining.

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