Infomations Snap-Pac Brain

Hello everyone,
I’m considering replacing the groov epic with a snap-pac brain for some applications that require less space, but I have to transfer the Node-red code and the Pac-Control strategy from groov epic to snap-pac brain. So, my questions are the following:

  • Can the snap pac brain be programmed through Node-red?
  • Can I set the time zone (region Etc and Locality UTC) in the snap pac brain?
  • Can I open the LAN port for TCP/IP communication in the snap pac brain?



The SNAP-PAC Ethernet Brain has a very different function than an EPIC controller.
The EB can not run any software on it, it is purely a remote I/O brain.
It can not run a PAC Control strategy.
It can not run any Node-RED.
You can of course communicate over the network to it from say an EPIC Controller, SoftPAC or PAC S controller.
You can also use Node-RED running on an EPIC, PC or RIO to communicate with I/O that is on the rack of the EB.

The SNAP-PAC-R1 can run a PAC Control strategy (up to 16 charts), but it can not run any Node-RED flows. You can also communicate over the network with the PAC Controller since both the PAC Controller and the PAC Ethernet Brain have LAN ports (The EB is a 2 port switch, the PAC Controller has two separate Ethernet ports).

The SNAP-PAC-R1 does have a real time clock, the EB does not.