InfluxDB/Grafana on EPIC?

I was wondering if anyone has tried or succeeded in installing Influxdb or Grafana locally on the EPIC. I have some time series process data that I would like to record and visualize using these tools. I have made a couple attempts but the basic instructions I have found (unsurprisingly) don’t seem to work with the custom linux distribution on the EPIC. Presumably these could be hosted another device but I would like to avoid that if possible.


I use InfluxDB and Grafana, but I haven’t tried installing them on EPIC. Both projects are able to run on ARM (others have installed them on Pi), so this should technically be feasible.

Just be forewarned, both projects release a lot of updates, also EPIC firmware updates will wipe your installation and you get to do it all over again so it probably isn’t the ideal location.

Where are you getting stuck? Also, how do you plan on pushing the data to InfluxDB?