Import from Clipboard not Working

Can anyone tell me why the import button remains grayed out? Is there a syntax error in the flow? Would be nice if there was some kind of error message.




Usually this happens because the flow is not valid JSON.
Double check the flow and make sure it is complete. [ and ] at the very least…

Sometimes it can happen if you do a ctrl+c rather than a mouse right click paste.
So try either other.

Sometimes it can happen if there is no new-line at the end of the paste.
So try putting the mouse at the end, and hit return.

Thanks Ben. In this case it was none of those. A restart of my Groov fixed the issue. I keep running into issues with NR and my Groov where only a power cycle of the the Groov solves the problem. I will try to document them in the future for others to see. It always happens when I’m in the middle of something so I just restart it and move on.