Image Indicator live change during Image Library New File

The Epic is running groovView 4.3b (4/8/21) . It seems that if I make a large upload of a new file to the image library in Build Mode (takes about 15 seconds for one file), the Image Indicator on the Run Mode will not display the proper image. It seems like it displays the same image as that shown in build mode, instead of the image that the live data value represents. It will remain for a few minutes with the wrong image and then somehow correct itself.
Troubleshooting this one is tough as the system is running almost full time.
Could this be something that has been fixed in a recent update?

I’m not sure I understand what you mean here. Uploading an image doesn’t replace any existing ones, so an existing Image Indicator shouldn’t be affected by an upload.

What are the steps you’re following here?

On my laptop I have one tab open in the browser with groovView Runtime and another in build mode. In build mode I go to Configure / Image Library and Add New Images. I select a new image which is about 4 meg png file and it seems like soon after the file is loading the 2 image indicators on the main user screen will stop showing the proper image. Then within a few minutes it goes back to the proper image.
I am not totally convinced that this is a groov bug. It could be the variable in the Pac Control. But it is two different image indicators connected to two different vaiables.

It’s possible that you’re running into a bit of database contention: images uploaded to groov View are stored as blobs in our project database, and access to said database is single threaded. Uploading shouldn’t touch the database (the upload handler won’t start processing the image until it’s been fully uploaded to temporary storage), but after uploading we’ll take a moment to generate a thumbnail for the image and download a preview copy of it to Build mode. On a large image, that may block the database for a short period of time, but it shouldn’t be minutes.