Ignition tag read ws (node-red-contrib-ignition-nodes)

When using the node “ignition tag read ws” from the Node-Red library “node-red-contrib-ignition-nodes”, the Node-Red editor does not save the heartbeat parameter.

Without the heartbeat, the Ignition Gateway logs are filled with the following warnings which repeat every 5 minutes (300000 ms). This delay corresponds to the default timeout value for web socket in Node.js.

The impact on my application is that every 5 minutes, the node disconnects itself from the Ignition server and could result in a lost of data. The workaround I found to fix this issue is to export the node and manually edit the heartbeat parameter value directly in the json file (i.e. “hb” = 1), then reimporting the file in Node-Red.

It would be nice to fix this issue in the library.

Hi Pierre. Welcome to the Opto Forums!

Thanks for the feedback for that node.
It is not a node that was written by anyone here at Opto.
If you take a look at the Node page: node-red-contrib-ignition-nodes (node) - Node-RED You can see the node author in the lower right.
This sort of feedback to them could be very helpful.

Thank you Beno. I reported the issue to the author.

@gmitchell You guys still use this node? Have you seen this issue?