Ignition OPCUA into Data Store For Rest API

Has anyone had any experience on moving tag data from the Ignition OPCUA server into a Groov Data store so that it can be moved into a REST API? I was trying to use node red ignition nodes but i cannot find the API Key and Secret for Ignition. All help is appreciated, Thank you.

This video covers your exact question.


yes thank you. that did it. Is there anyway to build a request that will return the value of all of the tags in the data store?

Are you looking to return all the tags in the groov data store or in the Ignition Edge tag database?

all of the tags in groov data store. i have an api request that i can return one value at a time but i am wondering if i can list all tags and values or do i have to build a table and put the values in each index?

Right now there is only the /v1/data-store/tags request to get an array of all tags with their associated data type and data store, but not their values.
If you are willing to make multiple requests you could use this to build a loop that will go and fetch all the tags for you, based on a common data store, but there’s no way to do it with a single request. A table may be better for your application, but a loop in Node-RED is certainly possible – it all depends on your application and approach.