Ignition OPC UA server to node-red

Has anyone connected node-red to the Ignition OPC UA server?

I’ve installed node-red-contrib-iiot-opcua, but I can’t get a connection.

Any thoughts?

Any reason you did not use the Ignition node? https://flows.nodered.org/node/node-red-contrib-ignition-nodes

Also, the Ignition Edge OPC-UA server will not allow external connections.
Are you taking about Edge or Enterprise?
Are you running Node-RED on a groov Box? Or external PC? (Like groov Server for Windows).

Hi Beno,

Thanks for the quick reply.

I am running Node-Red and Ignition Edge on a groov box.

This effort is a proof of concept, so that I can better understand how to apply these technologies. The end goal is an edge appliance that can provide basic on-prem interface, and push data to the cloud for advanced functionality.

I did not use the Ignition node, because I was interested in getting data directly from the OPC server. One use case would have only Ignition OPC server feeding data to the cloud.

Good to know that Edge OPC server won’t accept external connections. This is probably my problem. And a bit disappointing, but I get it.

Your use case is exactly what the groov Box can do.
Please check out the videos at workshops.opto22.com for some help on getting what you need done.

BTW you wont need any ‘access’ to the OPC server to do what you need. It is all done via Ignition Edge.


Thanks for the links. They are indeed useful.

One of my use cases is satisfied by Ignition edge and it’s features.

I have another use case where there there is no Ignition Edge; only an OPC server. I want to get data from OPC to JSON MQTT messages. Node-Red looks like an interesting engine for that.

Great to meet you yesterday.

It will have to wait till I get back in the office to try and set up a test of the Node-RED OPC-UA node…

Has anyone else on this forum used it? (Speak up lurkers!)

I’m trying also to make a connection using the node ignition from Node-red.

This video walks you though exactly how do to this.

Thank you Beno, yes it works for me now, I can read tags using the node Ignition in Node-RED.