Ignition OPC connection to PR1

I had all the networking figured out and working, then we had to factory reset the pr1 due to a firmware conflict with some code we had to load in shell to fix another connection issue.

Now I can not remember how to setup the network permissions in the pr1 to allow the OPC client connection to Ignition.

Ignition is looking for this connection on port 4840, and as far as I can tell that port is open on the pr1 eth0 and eth1. Not sure what I need to do here as I can not remember how I had it set up, but I know nothing has changed on the Ignition gateway and it has to be a setting in the pr1.

Are you able to share a screenshot of your groov Manage firewall screen… Good to have a second set of eyes to make sure 4840 really is set how you expect it.

I think I have this sorted now. I opened 4840 to Eth1 in the Codesys permissions on the firewall and it seemed to work fine.

Separate issue:

For what ever reason we have to save our network port forwarding settings every time there is a power cycle to restore connections. Stranger yet, our VPN tunnel will only connect after a power cycle if we view the status page of the network connections for a brief amount of time. Nothing gets changed we just simply view it and boom it’s connected.

I hope to get these kinks worked out and continue using the PR1, but our customer is beginning to get frustrated as we work through these issues.

A lot of the sales and engineering teams use port redirects and VPNs, I have never heard of either of those two issues.

@Kevan Please reach out to our product support group to get to the bottom of them. Thanks.

They have been made aware of this, and they are suppose to be getting back in touch with me on a new solution once they have found it. Apparently is was a known problem on the older firmware which they had a fix for. Unfortunately that fix did not work on the current firmware and caused us to factory reset the PR1.

If you hear or know of any solutions please let me know.