Ignition Mobile Modules

Epic firmware: 3.4.4-b.128
Platform: Ignition
Version: 7.9.20
Does anyone try on Ignition mobile modules before in EPIC Ignition? I got an error when trying to access the project via a mobile device.

Perhaps you know, but Ignition Mobile Module is a dead-end technology and is no longer maintained by Inductive (active support ended a few months ago). Ignition 8.1 with Perspective is the way forward for mobile development on Ignition.

So unless you are just tinkering, it is kind of pointless to do any development with that module.

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I see, just know it from you.
In so current stage, is that mean that EPIC Ignition is not compatible to implement the mobile module?

No, thats not really what @philip said… Ignition themselves are no longer maintaining that module.
The Ignition software / installation on EPIC is very much the EXACT same Ignition that would download from their website, we don’t need to change it, so we don’t.

In other words, its your choice. You can develop in a module that does not have any maintenance or future support from Inductive or not. EPIC does not have anything to do with your decision.
When Inductive remove that module from their release and we update Ignition versions on EPIC, it will be removed as par the course of an update.

Perhaps spend some time on the Inductive website and learn more about that module and what Inductive recommend people use in its place.

Ahh, meaning it can still work on EPIC but there is no more support/maintenance from the Inductive side. My idea is to develop a demo to show EPIC and Ignition’s flexibility. I hope we can still produce the Ignition mobile view rather than telling them we can’t do it on EPIC.

PR2 with Ignition 8.1 and Perspective? Check the licensing for that on Ignition Edge though - if going full blown Ignition, then consider putting it on its own server.