Ignition Edge (nullcertificate) on EPIC PR1

Hello, I am using an EPIC PR1 with latest firmware providing Ignition Edge version 7.9.18.

After logging in to Ignition Edge and clicking on Configure…Modules, I see the following message:

Clicking on the View Certificate hyperlink I see:

I am unable to get any of the MQTT Transmission settings connected, and I guess it is something to do with this ‘nullcertificate’:

Can someone tell me how I update this certificate, so that the valid date has not been passed, please?

I’m not 100% sure, but that seems to be an Ignition thing rather than an Opto thing. (We just put their vanilla Ignition app on EPIC/RIO, we don’t make any changes or additions and for sure we don’t mess with their certificates).
Can you also post this on their forums… I think you might have a quicker / better response there.

All that said, I will double check with the team tomorrow (Monday morning our time).

Thanks Beno for the weekend reply!
I have posted on Ignition forums too.

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Ignition forum reply:

7.9.19 should have a new certificate.

You can also just ignore it because these certificates are mostly theatre and don’t mean anything, even when they expire.

Guess the licence will be updated with next EPIC firmware release with 7.9.19 Ignition included!!!