Ignition edge login is not working with Groov EPIC

Hi, I am working on Groov EPIC PR2 gateway and i wanted to login to Ignition edge which comes with Groov EPIC. But I couldn’t able to login with steps explained in the Ignition edge video from Opto22 videos. Please help me to either to login to Ignition edge or reset the Ignition edge so that i can login again. Looking forward for your help here.

Thanks In Advance,

Is this the first time you have enabled Ignition Edge? If so, did you follow the steps in our online training? Where any errors produced or logged? You can check in the log files in groov Manage:

If this is the case, you may need to reach out to product support if you cannot get it started.

If you are logging into a running instance, and forgot the username/password, you will need to reset the EPIC, as there is no way to get in if that is lost.