Ignition Edge 8.1.10 BacNet tags to Pac Control tag


Can anybody help me figure out the way to read from and write to pac control via Ignition?

It seems that this feature has long gone

I’m using the latest firmware version of Epic with version 8.1.10 Ignition Edge, reason I upgrade because I need the BacNet driver from Ignition to communicate from a Device. Will really appreciate your help.


Hi JC. Welcome to the forums.

You don’t need to use expression tags to read and write to PAC Control tags. Use the Ignition Opto 22 module.

First start by enabling the Opto 22 driver.
From the menu on the left, click on modules, then at the bottom of the list enable the module.

Then from the menu on the left again, click on OPC UA then add a new Opto22 device from the list.

Once to select it form the list, you can fill out the details:

From there, your PAC Control tags will show up in designer - Well… to be clear, the PAC Control tags that you have checked the ‘Public Access’ option on…


Be sure and have only the tags / I/O that you want to make public checked. There is no need to check every tag in the strategy.

Lets know if you get up and running.

I have configured it that way thru Ignition Edge.

What I’m trying to do is use Ignition Edge to get BacNet data from a device and transfer/write the data into Pac Control variables via Ignition Designer

Ah, gotcha now. Sorry, I misunderstood your first post.

Yup, It’s what I’m trying.

I tried exporting and importing xml tag file from version 7.9 to 8.1 of Ignition.

Seems like the legacy value change event is not running at all.

Do you happened to have a possible workaround to replicate this functionality? Thanks

Garrick and I are chatting offline to figure the best way to guide you here.
Things changed with Ignition 8… Just give us a hot minute here…

EDIT. Ok it seems that because reasons Inductive removed the ability to associate OPC tags from within expressions tags in Ignition 8. You have to script it in j(p)ython or use the Compute module.

Garrick is going to write a new forum post like the old one you linked here (we don’t want this ‘how to’ to get buried in a slightly off topic thread).

While not really an Opto22 thing, we see the value in helping people move tags between Ignition modules so will write it up for all to use.

I really appreciate it.

Will wait for a sample script that you guys from Opto22 team will write up.

Thank you Ben.

You can find the write up on moving/mapping tags from one controller/device to another via Ignition Edge 8 here. Let us know if you have any questions.

Follow up question.

I know it’s not an Opto22 thing.

Do you guys happened to know why the “create new device connection” link is missing here?

I tried to restart the OPC module, and restarted Ignition gateway within the groov manage but still missing.

Is there a limit to a number of device you can create or it’s just a bug?

Thanks again.

With Ignition Edge 8 there is a 2 device limit. If you need more devices, you can purchase them from Inductive Automation.

Ok, got it. Thanks greichert.