Ignition / Cirrus Link reporting zero (0) after communication restored

Not sure if anyone else has seen this behavior.

I am having a problem that when a controller (PR1) comes back online in Ignition my integer values report zero (0) for one scan - it is possible non-integer values do the same, but I haven’t checked those.

You can see in the historian entries below:

Unplugged PR1 network cable
22:03:44.2780 the data quality goes bad, value shows last known value of 3 - as expected
Plugged PR1 network back in
22:04:04.7830 the value goes to 0 with good quality - not so good
22:04:06.0580 the value goes to 3 with good quality - correct

Is this an issue with me, IA, Cirrus Link, or Opto22?

Thanks for the clear report.
Like you, I am not 100% sure what all is at play here, so have got a few people to look into it.
Will let you know as soon as we can what we find.

The issue is in the Cirrus Link module. I was provided a snapshot/beta build which fixed the issue. I am told that the current plan is for a January release of version 4.0.10 which hopefully will have the fix.