Ignition 8, PR1

I am setting up a PR1 with Ignition 8 Edge for R&D.

I am aware that the PR1 can run 8, and have downloaded the latest PR1 8 image from the Opto site.

This has Ignition Edge 8.1.21.

My goal is to connect, via MQTT, my remote workshop with my main workshop. In my main workshop, I have Ignition (“full platform”) 8.1.25 currently.


  1. Are there any foreseen incompatibilities publishing from 8.1.21 MQTT modules to 8.1.25?
  2. I am aware there is a “lag” between IA publishing LTS versions and Opto following with images, as they need to be verified for potential regressions. 8.1.21 was released September 29th, 2022. The current LTS IA is 8.1.35. When is 8.1.35 planned for release by Opto? As the license structure has significant changes, e.g. unlimited device connections.

I am doing this work as I have a customer with 105 remote sites currently on Modbus TCP/4G/VPN, and we are considering a change to MQTT.

Thank you for reaching out. To your questions:

  1. There is no issues or incompatibilities with these modules.
  2. You are correct in the versioning and why we take some extra time. With the licensing, you just need to have support package with Inductive Automation, and any existing licenses with the device limitations can be migrated to the new structure.

Thanks for the reply, @greichert

Replies on a bank holiday are one reason why the community around IA and Opto far trumps other brands.

I don’t mean to argue with free advice on a bank holiday, however for the posterity of anyone else who finds this thread in the future;

is not true. Or at least, not an IA license on an e.g. OnLogic NUC. If you have 8.1.0, you can upgrade to 8.1.35 free of charge, with no support arrangement with IA. It would only be a move to 8.3.0 that would require support. If this is not the case with an IA license on a Groov PR1, please advise.

For reference, I am an Ignition Gold certified integrator with over a decade’s experience.

I can in the meantime, get around the 2-device limit, and use a data concentrator.

I’m sure I shall have some more specific questions about the implementation of my MQTT architecture, however, I endeavor to complete the Opto training and follow the IA guides first.

The support package requirement is to update any license that was purchased under the 2 device limit to be upgraded to the now unlimited edge licensing per the announcement at ICC this year.

Thanks for the clarification.

Fortunately, the customer in question with 105 sites, has active support.