If I switch to another page, will the trend graph continue to record data?

Hello, I have two questions.
1, in Groov Server for win, there is a trend map in a page. If I switch to another page, will the trend graph continue to record data?
2, can the communication parameters of the SNAP-SCM-485 module be modified in the program with commands? Baud rate, start stop and other parameters.

I’m using PAC Control Pro 9.6+R1+Groov Server for win R3.4b

Thank you

  1. Yes. Please read the groov Users Guide, page 58+
  2. Yes. Please read the PAC Control Users Guide, page 285+

For SNAP-SCM-485 modules, if you want to change baud rate and other serial parameters, you have to do this through the memory map. There are memory map commands for this, but you will need to know which slot the module is in and calculate the memory map offset (or find the addresses in the inspect window of PAC Manager). I would recommend looking at page 15 of the doc 1191 (SNAP Serial Communication Mods User Guide).

Here is an example on how I configure a serial module in PAC Control, I specify the slot and port here, but normally I get this information from a settings screen in the HMI.

//Position 6, Port A
Slot_pstv = 6;
SerialPortAB_pstv = 0;
TCPPort = 22500 + 2 * Slot_pstv + SerialPortAB_pstv;

WriteNumToIoUnitMemMap(IOUnit1, 0xF03A8000 + (0x20 * Slot_pstv) + (0x10 * SerialPortAB_pstv), TCPPort); //TCP Port
WriteNumToIoUnitMemMap(IOUnit1, 0xF03A8000 + (0x20 * Slot_pstv) + (0x10 * SerialPortAB_pstv) + 0x4, 19200); //baud rate
WriteNumToIoUnitMemMap(IOUnit1, 0xF03A8000 + (0x20 * Slot_pstv) + (0x10 * SerialPortAB_pstv) + 0x8, 0x4e080100); //8e1 with no flow control