ICTD module used in real world applications


Does anybody know if there is an application (excluding the Opto22 Traing Kit) that uses ICTD modules and ICTD probes?

There are advantages/disadvantages compared with RTDs or TCs ?

Hello “betomelo,”

If you’re ever here at Opto 22 (perhaps for our free training) you’ll see ICTD probes throughout the building where we’re using our own hardware to monitor and control the HVAC system, lighting, etc.

I know may of our customers use them for a variety of purposes, I hope folks will share here. Perhaps you might share more details about what type of environment you’re measuring temperature in, so other can provide more detailed opinions and suggestions?

This white paper (form 1767) describes various temperature sensors such as RTDs, thermocouples, ICTDs, thermistors, and infrared sensors, and the Opto 22 solutions for using them.

I hope that helps!

Yes, there are a lot of places that use these, in fact the entire amonia refrigeration business use them on every temp control zone in a food plant. You can buy these really cheaply if you want to spend the time to solder a cable on especially if you have hundreds of them. These are an industry standard three pin IC chip that priduces a microamp signal output for temperature. The uses are limited to temps in the freezing to 200 degF range. You can buy the Analog Devices chip for less than $10 each. If you’re not buying large quantities, then Opto22’s version is just fine and way less money than thermocouples or RTD’s. This chip is not superaccurate, however most temp applications do not require high accuracy and keep in mind that real temperature accuracy is hard to obtain since there are so many factors that influence an accurate reading.