ICTD calibration offset bug

When adjusting the calibration offset for ICTDs the value I enter in the offset field only adjusts the value by about half the magnitude of what is entered. It also doesn’t seem to be limited to 13.5 degrees like the comment suggests. I can put in -40, and the EU value drops about 20 degrees.

I’m entering the value in the offset field here:


Hmmm. Will need to take a deep dive and see what we can reproduce.
Thanks for the report.

Checked using 2.0.1 firmware.
The magnitude is correct. 1:1.
The offset does not seem to be range checked and will allow you to enter more than 13.5 deg.

The larger offset seems to work fine, so I put a question to engineering to clarify.

Have you tried it in Fahrenheit?

No, I just presumed you would be using the global scientific standard for your temperature measurments… [grin]

As you point out, in those other units, only half the offset is applied.
Bug ticket submitted.

Thanks again. Appreciate the feedback.

Hey no problem. Sticking with the freedom units :wink:

Bug confirmed.
Here are the headlines;

Symptom The Customer Will See

User calibration offset for analog input channels on RIO devices is always applied in degrees Celsius.


Compensate for the 5/9ths applied offset by multiplying the intended offset first by 9/5ths then enter that value into PAC Control or groov Manage channel configurator.

We will get a KB done in due course and of course a fix in a future firmware update.
Thanks again Philip.