ICMP Packet Creation

Using Opto22 Hardware, i am able to create SNMP packets which i use to monitor multiple devices.
I am creating a script wherein, if in between requesting the parameters of the SNMP device, a communication loss or data error happens it will create an error log.
Unfortunately i happen to encounter that if the physical connection is not established, multiple error log will happen.
What i want to do is to check if a connection is established first then skip the whole SNMP parameter requests.
Using OpenOutgoingCommunication and IsCommunicationOpen command does not seem to solve the problem, it seems as though a connection is walys open.

Since the PING chart that was provided by Opto22 is not compatible to SoftPAC.
Is there a way to do this my manually creating the packet?

hoping anyone can help me.

UDP is the lowest-level packet you can do on SoftPAC. So I’d recommend you send the first packet in your set for each device, see if it worked, and skip the rest (and move on to the next device) if that first one didn’t.

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