I.P. Camera linked to PAC Display

Is there a way to have a streaming I.P. camera displayed within a PAC Display window or is the only way to do so currently through launching a 3rd party app from within the Display project? Or, if live isn’t an option, is there a way to do a screen shot that updates every few moments?


This is real simple now given two things.

  1. The IP camera you have has a built in web server and you can go a URL and see a stream from the camera.
  2. That you are using PAC Display Pro.

If yes to both of of those, then simply go to PAC Display configurator and paste in a ‘URL Control’ (the last icon in the tool box).
Double click and set your camera URL and that’s that.

Reason I know this is because I put that request in as a customer a few years back… Your welcome :wink:



And if you’re using Axis cameras, you can use controller generated html code to control the camera zoom and PTZ.