I/O point silmultanioiusly on & off?

I have a strategy running in Pac Control 9.6 (on an R2) and a strategy running in 10.3 (on an Epic groov) The I/O in question is located on the snap pac rack and the Epic is looking at it as well. The snap pac sees the point as off (correct) and the Epic sees it as on (wrong). What is going on here?

Is the strategy running on the EPIC? Does it try to read that point?

From the docs:


As you run your programs in Debug Mode and monitor I/O points, you’ll see that IVAL and XVAL usually match. If the IVAL does not match the XVAL, it just means that your strategy logic is not reading from or writing to the I/O point in question at the moment.

Perhaps this is what is happening?

My strategy was reading that point, but I had to take it out (for now) because it was causing issues. So I guess it’s not actively being read in the strategy right now. The IVAL should still read correctly though. Right?

My interpretation is if the IVAL isn’t being read by the strategy, then it will not update and therefore may differ from the XVAL.

It may be the IVAL issue but I ran into something similar running PACControl 9.5 with newer 10+ firmware on the PAC-R1 and R2.

Internally (PACControl) everything worked (I was able to read / write to tags) but when I called up IO in PACControl, I had a similar issues (IVAL and XVAL didn’t agree). Also Inspection of IO points caused loss of communication (on peer to peer communications, PACDisplay, OPC).

In my case I changed the PAC-R firmware back down to 9.5h (last 9.x firmware) and everything worked fine. What firmware is loaded on your the PAC-R ?

I’ve also had weird things happen (didn’t document since I figured I needed to update firmware when problems started) when I had older firmware (PAC-R and PAC-S) on system updated to PACProject 10+.

On older systems (existing pre 10.x PACProject), I’ve been putting in 9.5h on any new or replacements controllers. On newer projects (10.x) or upgrades, I’ve made sure I’ve updated to the newer firmware. We’ve seen less problems since we’ve been recommending this to our customers.

v10 firmware with PAC Control 9.x is nothing but problems. Many of my strategies use nested subroutines so it doesn’t even download.

PAC Control version check is like:

if VersionString[0] < ‘9’ then you_too_old :slight_smile:

Firmware on that particular controller is 9.5d.
Update: I added a variable and dump the status of that particular point into that variable so the strategy is now actively reading that point. The IVAL/XVAL now agree with each other. My issue was one controller seeing the input one way and the other controller seeing it the other.