I/O expansion past one rack?

How is I/O expanded past one rack using Epic I/O without adding another Epic controller? Specifically the Digital AC modules? (I like the higher density vs. SnapPAC modules)

Two ways.

  1. Use a Snap rack, either with a EB or R.
  2. Wait for October to roll around. (I, personally, am super excited about this option).

Daisy Chain racks without brains? I would be excited about that.


Or how about building a stand alone Epic controller like the Snap S1 or S2?

You are not the first to suggest this… Enough to say we will have something to say about this in a few months.

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Anything new on this front?

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What option? Did it ever materialize?

It will materialize. It is a real product. Its in the final stages of design. No prototypes yet, but almost (I have seen 3D printed mock ups).
And yes, its taking longer than we anticipated.

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Is this the long awaited product? It doesn’t really address my original concern.

It does address PilotMan’s wish.

No. A zero I/O product does not describe what you are looking for.
Clearly its taking longer than any of us thought. Just hang in there. (I think it will be worth the wait).

On the other hand, yes, it does fit @PilotMan wish rather well.


Any update on an eta for this? We are looking to upgrade some of our hardware and one of the things holding us back is not having a stand alone groov controller.

Not sure I follow your question / what you are looking for.
groov PR1 is a stand alone controller.
Have you see the zero module chassis?

More or less a less expensive version of the GRV controller and rack for everything. Currently we have strategies running on S1 controllers and module racks with R1s where we need them. As we swap older opto hardware to new hardware we would prefer to skip over PAC and go to GRV, but it seems too expensive to buy the current GRV controller for every location where we would need one. We only need 3-5 to run strategies. But about about 10 to handle modules. This thread seemed to be the place discussing a possibility of something to allow that but maybe I’m wrong.

I see that we would probably need the currently accessible GRV controller as the stand alone (running strategies) and then a less expensive “dummy” controller to handle the modules.

There is a zero i/o rack for the epic controller. Is that what your are wanting? It’s basically an updated more powerful S1 with groov control.

Is there any news on this front? (Epic expansion past one rack using epic modules)

Press release Feb 4th. Only a few more sleeps!!


The wait it over. We can finally talk about it!!!
I just now created its own Opto22 Forums Category: https://forums.opto22.com/c/groov-rio