I/O expansion past one rack?


How is I/O expanded past one rack using Epic I/O without adding another Epic controller? Specifically the Digital AC modules? (I like the higher density vs. SnapPAC modules)


Two ways.

  1. Use a Snap rack, either with a EB or R.
  2. Wait for October to roll around. (I, personally, am super excited about this option).


Daisy Chain racks without brains? I would be excited about that.


Or how about building a stand alone Epic controller like the Snap S1 or S2?


You are not the first to suggest this… Enough to say we will have something to say about this in a few months.


Anything new on this front?


What option? Did it ever materialize?


It will materialize. It is a real product. Its in the final stages of design. No prototypes yet, but almost (I have seen 3D printed mock ups).
And yes, its taking longer than we anticipated.