I cannot connect my MQTT broker in Node Red


I have two groov epic, i already connect my mqtt broker in Node Red with the same network before last 2 weeks.

But now i cannot connect it the same procedure i do from the last time i connected it.

And i’ve already connected to MQTT.FX my mqtt broker by the way my mqtt is cloud.mqtt.

I hope you can help me regarding this matter. Thanks mate

As you can see in the image always try to connecting

Welcome to the forums!

I guess we need to start at the start…
From groov Manage on one of the EPICs (just start with one, get it going, then move on to the other) go to the network tools. System → Network → Diagnostics (at the very bottom).
Start with ping and try and ping google.com, then try and ping your broker (they might have ping turned off - hence testing Google to start with).
If you cant, then there is your MQTT problem, your EPIC does not have its network configuration setup correctly. Either the DNS (domain name server) or gateway is messed up.

If you can ping, then we turn to Node-RED.
Of course you have double checked your broker host name and its user/pass.
I don’t know your broker all that well, but some require legacy mode:


Check the box (its clear by default) and deploy and see how you go.

Thank you for the response.

i cannot ping, unknown host both google and my mqtt broker.

but in my mqtt broker acc i have new connection

Cool, making progress.
At this point, forget all about MQTT. The problem is a 100% network issue, NOT MQTT.

Take a look at your groov Mange network setup.
You running dynamic IP address? Or you put a static one in?
Can you share a screenshot of it?

I used static ip address

Ah. Ok,
So I take it that you also put static IP address in for your gateway and your DNS?
If not, that will be why you cant ping Google.
The EPIC either can look up (DNS) google.com or it cant get onto the Internet (no gateway).

Also, I am assuming that your EPIC is even on a network that has a gateway to the Internet?

I connect the wifi modem to eth1 and i connect my laptop to eth0 and my laptop connected to wifi.

i both now can ping google and my brokker