Http error 404 on PAC node

I have a few sites running on the pr1 using node red for some sql queries to manage printing. It’s been working flawlessly for this whole year.

The last week I have now had 3 support calls from sites where node red reports an http error 404 on the PAC node. To resolve this I simply move a node and deploy again. Which sets everything back to normal.

I need to get the log off site off needed.

Anybody experienced this before?

I have never seen anything like that… A few questions if I may…

So its a ‘once the error forever the error’ sort of thing? (Until you force a Node-RED redeploy)?
Can you hit the PAC node URL from a web browser? In other words, make the RESTful API call that Node-RED is making to that PAC Control variable from an external source and see if you get the same error.
What I am trying to understand with this is if the issue is with Node-RED or the PAC Control RESTful server.

Lastly, do you have an SSH license on this EPIC? If so, there might be some interesting commands you could run that might help troubleshoot this.

Yip, once the error forever the error. I have to either open the node and update or move a node then redeploy.
I am not using a SSH license on these sites.

I will have to get back to you on the other question. I’m going to try and pull the log off one of the sites as soon as I can get access again.