How to view files saved on a controller

How do I view files saved to an R1? They are in the root.

The best way is using Firefox, which has an excellent built-in FTP client.

Just type ftp://YourIPHere for the address, and ta-da, nice listing like this one on my SNAP-PAC-R1:

I have three words for you: uh may zing


Dear Mary,
Does this supposed to work with SoftPAC? If I try to view my SoftPAC Controller through FTP in Mozilla I’ll get an FTP error (page not found). IP address is; I can inspect my SoftPAC controller through PAC Manager and see it running, but are unable to load files into the SoftPAC Controller (FTP error).

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Hi Hans,

Welcome to the OptoForums! While SoftPAC does not have an ftp server built into it (like our hardware-based PACs do), it’s pretty easy to turn your PC into a FTP file server. Check out this discussion where I recommend [URL=“”]FileZilla Server (it’s free!).


Hi Ya Hans,

Check out pages 3-4 of form 2020, the softpac comparison chart.
It will help you see what the SoftPAC controller has vs our hardware controllers.


Good morning Ben,
Seen the differences, no FTP Server. But I like to do the following:
Run SoftPAC Controller on a (virtual)server with some analogue I/O attached to it. Depending on the status of the analogue inputs it should send an Email. I probably need to load a certificate as you so kindly explained earlier, but it looks i can’t because there is no FTP server. Or do I follow the wrong track??

Hi Hans,

Slightly wrong track.
Email and FTP are very different.
SoftPAC will send emails no trouble, and the cool thing is, because its a Windows PC, it already has the certificates installed.
So, its safe to say, when it comes to sending emails, SoftPAC just works.
(Just use the PAC Control commands as per Forum examples or the example code in the PAC Control Command Guide).

FTP is File Transfer Protocol. As you see and heard from Mary (and form 2020), SoftPAC does not support that mem-map area, but there are some work arounds (as Mary pointed out).