How to update the license?

Excuse me, please. I’m using Groov Server for win.
1、 How can I update the license file if the MAC address of this PC has changed?
2、 Will it cause HMI to be unusable for this reason?
3、Are there any emergency solutions?
I hope it doesn’t happen.

Thank you

Could you explain what you mean by: “the MAC address of this PC has changed”? You can contact for license issues/updates.

In general, though, if you’re running groov Server for Windows w/out a license (e.g. the “free trial” version), the only thing that stops after 2 hours is the communications to your various devices, e.g. Modbus, SNAP PAC. You can simply stop/re-start the server to get another 2 hours.

I mean, if the PC hardware is bad, or the network card must be replaced. Does this have to be associated with Opto22 technical support engineers? Or can I log in to the OPTO22 website to update the license?
Thank you

The website doesn’t have support for that. Our support team will need your previous MAC and the new one.