How to skip EPIC "manage" page?

How can I set a bookmark/device to go past the manage page? If a device has to login, the next page is automatically the manage page and then the first page of the project.

In short: you can get it to default to groov View after logging in, but if you have to log in, you’ll always get punted to the main page.

More details: to start, in groov Manage if you go into System, then Settings, then click on First App Loaded, you can get it to default to groov View instead of Manage:


And that goes back to decisions made 6 or 7 years ago. We identify where in groov View you want to go based on the fragment identifier in your URL, meaning if you want to end up on page 18, your groov URL will look like this:


Unfortunately, that fragment identifier never gets passed to a server, it’s used by the browser only. So when you try and visit groov View when you’re not logged in, we redirect you to the central EPIC login page and lose the fragment identifier. You’ll get redirected back to View after signing in, but without the fragment identifier, so you get dropped on the default page.

It’s on my list of things to change, but it means potentially breaking anyones existing bookmarks, so I need to be careful with it.

Well, that’s halfway there (skipping the manage page).