How to setup IP address for OPTO 22 SNAP-UP1-ADS (SNAP Ultimate controller/brain)

During setting up IP address, it indicated setting format error. When the MAC address indicated “00-3a-0d-”, it should be followed by “00-2d-68”. However the last number “8” was unable to be inputted. Then even confirmed, it indicated format error. Even I erase the “-”, it still alarmed error. Would you please let us know how to solve it?

Regarding software in the disc, it is unauthorized. Would you please provide an authorized one?

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You could try changing the MAC address to upper case, or perhaps changing keyboard settings to English (US)… it may be getting an unexpected character code. Depending on what operating system you are using, you might also try running in a virtual machine of on older OS such as Windows 95. Good luck.

Thank you very much. Will try.

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