How to send a new "control engine download file" to a brain without pac terminal?

Is it possible to updating the binaries of a Brain without having to upload/download it via Pac terminal or Pac control?

We would like to make automatic updates of a Brain via our own application communicating with the Brain via MMP. Would be nice if it was possible to say FTP a new CDF and then restart the PLC via MMP command.

Please bear with me if this topic has already been discussed; I have tried searching the forum but the search method seems broken.


Hi Stefan,

Are you aware of the PAC Terminal command line option? You can use it with a DOS batch file to download a .cdf from your own application. Search the PAC Terminal help for “command line” or use the -h option on the [B]termcl.exe[/B] tool you should find in your PAC Project install.

You should get something like this from the command prompt:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Opto22\PAC Project 9.1>[B]termcl[/B] -h
[INDENT]PAC Terminal Command Line Tool by Opto 22, version R9.1a
USAGE: termcl <command> [args…] [-q]
-h -> Prints this help message.
-> Download the file to the controller.
Compression can be between 0 (none) and 10 (max).
-r1: Redundant strategy; use Controller 1
-r2: Redundant strategy; use Controller 2
-> Run the strategy in the controller.
-> Stop the strategy in the controller.
-> Send a Forth command to the controller.
-> Add a control engine definition to the system.
Does not modify an existing definition.
Example: -a MyCE tcp 22001 0 2000
-> Download the encrypted file (e.g. SSD) to the controller.
-q -> Prevents all messages.
[/INDENT]I hope that helps!


Our web guys are working on the search. In the meantime, I find if you log off or (better yet) use the “Advanced Search” option under the search box, that works okay.

This might be very helpful, if I can extract the executable without need of installer (not always permitted to run installer or to add system files on the gateway-pc who can reach the Brain). The only down side of this approach (since i will want to invoke it from our UI) is the some what ugly and fuzzy link to the UI - it might not always be accurate and might flash a dos window at occasion.

But it’s never the less the best solution to my problem yet!

Tho, I had hoped for something like a memory region to write the new cdf file to with MMP Library or FTP a binary and invoke a reboot to that cdf.

Will try it, thanks! Generally better search functionality would be great, it’s -IMHO- very hard to search for documentation today.

Thanks again and have a nice weekend.


Yeah, I know the search is a little clunky, we are working hard to fix it…

I want to let you both know that I did a pretty extensive post on this a little while back.
Check it out here;



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