How to restart the groov application only?

Does anyone know of a way to reboot just the groov ap on an Epic?
Because this epic is controlling some processes I cant reboot the entire system.
Just wish I could restart the groov ap with out having to kill the PAC controller running on this Epic.
It takes them too long to restart as compared to SNAP PAC’s which is what the customer is used to time wise.

Norm, do you have shell access on the EPIC?

Hi Beno, No, I have had a few tickets open and didnt want to go there, but looks like I may have to.

I reported the issue again and used ssh to restart. Took care of it.
Thanks Beno!

No problem your welcome.
I think there are some major improvements coming on the groov scanner in the next release.
Appreciate your patience for that to come out.