How to remotely access EPIC from different network

How can I access groov EPIC from different network to configure and upgrade firmware?

Does it need to use dedicated server or VPN? Does it need to use IP address or hostname of the EPIC to access it? Kindly suggest the overall configuration.


It is a little difficult to answer since there is a lot of options when it comes to networking…
Are you accessing the EPIC over the Internet or just a local LAN? If so, is it over a different VLAN?

Thanks for prompt response. I’d like to access the EPIC over the Internet.
And I realise that networking is quite a broad term :sweat_smile:

Allow me to give you a scenario that I can imagine.
EPIC side : connect to internet by sim card, place at one city
My side : connect to internet by office’s wifi, locate at another city
Is there any proper approach to achieve my goal. Kindly advise. Thanks.

Thanks for the scenario, that helped a great deal to see your end goal.
VPN. No question, your use case is exactly why we put the VPN client into EPIC.
Chapter 7 of the groov EPIC Users Guide (Doc 2267) is the networking chapter, it will guide you on how to configure the VPN for your server.
We don’t offer a VPN server software, there is plenty to chose from. To experiment, we spun up an AWS instance of OpenVPN and it works fine.
If you have an IT department, check with them, they may already have a VPN server up and running.

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