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How to make and print a report with PAC Project Suite?


I am using SNAP-PAC-R1 to collect data from 06 flow meters.

Can anyone help me:

  1. how can I store data? do I need to use Database (SQL, MySQL)?

  2. how can user to creat a report and print it?

Thanks in advance.

Nguyen Vinh Loc.

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Re: How to make and print a report with PAC Project Suite?

By far the best way of storing reports is to transfer your data to your preferred database using OptoDataLink, part of the PACProject Suite Professional Edition. You can then use standard database record and reporting tools to produce professional and complex reports.

But if you just want to produce a simple text line report in less than five minutes, then the following is a quick solution.

Create a string table within PAC Control and fill the individual lines with the text and data you require, when you require using the OptoScript language. Don’t forget to clear the elements every time you want to create a new report. You can check how the results will look by selecting the table in the Debug mode.
Under the Tools menu in PAC Display Configurator use the Create Recipe File option to create and save an upload format file that specifies the string table indexes that will be the line report.
Under the Configure menu in PAC Display Configurator, use the Recipe>Upload Recipe Manager window to configure the source format file location and name. Then configure the destination directory location, filename (prompted or from strategy) for the file that will be produced. Do not used a fixed filename unless you want files to be overwritten. I would also suggest using txt as the file extention to allow the report to be opened in any application. Finally configure a PAC Control tag name that will triggers the file transfer action.
Once the string table has been completed activate the trigger from your program. PAC Display Runtime automatically monitors this variable and will use the Recipe Manager to upload the file to the destination directory as a text file.

Why not promote OptoGreens’ environmental responsibility in your company and not print reports to paper. Lets save trees by storing reports to a network drive, employing a file backup policy, and then send an email to everyone involved, telling them

a) What report data is being saved.

b) Where they can find it when they want it.

c) Why you are doing this.

d) Reminding them that they don’t really need a printed copy anyway.

This will make everyone happy, including you, your boss and the trees!
Checkout the OptoGreen websection for more ideas on sustainability.