How to Get to Layered Gadgets in Groov

I have a Groov page with a map on it, and it consists of at least 12 gadgets stacked on top of each other. One of them is a page navigator which I want to change the value of. Is there a way to see all the gadgets on a page and bring it forward, or highlight it so it can be edited? In my case, I have to tear the whole map apart, change the page navigation link, and put it all back together again, which is a real pain.



I have a few pages similar to this in my groov project… You will get the hang of moving gadgets to the back as you are done with them and so any new ones you place will be on top.
The order you build also helps get things right the first time. Map on first, then each gadget with the navigation gadget last.
Lastly, you can just click and drag over the page, this will show the gadgets on the page and you can then start drilling in as needed by sending the ones you don’t want to work with to the back.
Lastly, it might help if you lock the base (I am assuming the map image) layer. This way it wont move around as you work with the other layers.

Hmmm, this sounds like it would be a good topic for a groov Workshop image as seeing this being done might be better than talking about it…

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Thanks Ben. Appreciate the tips.