How to FTP multiple string table

Hi all,

I can save multiple string table on a SD card, but how can I FTP the same string tables in a separate file? I can FTP one string table.
Currently I have 4 string tables sDataA,sDataB,sDataC, and sDataD and use blocks to send them to SD card using separate file handles for each of them.
my query is how can i ftp the same tables. should I create 4 different ftp file handles? is it possible to do in blocks or should i used script?
I currently can send one string table visa script example. see code below:

Day = GetDay();Year = GetYear();Month = GetMonth();
NumberToString(Day, sJday);NumberToString(Month, sMonth);
NumberToString(Year, sYear);
sDateAdded = sJDay + "_" + sMonth + "_" + sYear;
nCommStatus = OpenOutgoingCommunication( sFTPSERVER );
if (nCommStatus == 0) then
  //Option 1: Construct command that opens a new or existing file on the FTP server  sSendFile = "dest:/DataLog_" + sDateAdded +".csv";  
nCommStatus2 = SendCommunicationHandleCommand( sFTPSERVER , sSendFile );
  //Option 2: dynamic file name but directory must be created  //
sSendFile = "dest:/" + sMonth + "/DataLog_" + sJday + ".txt";  /
/nCommStatus2 = SendCommunicationHandleCommand( ch_FtpServer , sSendFile );
if (nCommStatus2 == 0) then//  Transmit table     
           nCommStatus3 = TransmitStrTable( nTableMax , 0, sTestTable, sFTPSERVER );    
 if (nCommStatus3 == 0) then      
    sMessage = "File sent to FTP site";     
        sMessage = "Tranmitting failed";    
       else    sMessage = "Destination command failed";   
       sMessage = "Opening communication failed";
       CloseCommunication( sFTPSERVER );

can someone please show me the example for ftping multiple file

This is difficult to read, code style recommendations:

Change the prefixes to match the date type:
sTestTable -> stTestTable

Remove the code that doesn’t do anything, such as the sYear and sDateAdded - these are never used in your code.

Add spacing and fix indentation so the code blocks line up.

Also, you are assigning a value to sSendFile AFTER you sent the Send Communication Handle Command, this is probably a bug in your code.

To answer your question, you should be able to repeat the Send Communication Handle Command with a new name and call TransmitStrTable with the next table for each of your string tables. Leave the comm handle open until all four are sent.

Here is the basic idea, haven’t tested this though. I removed the status checks (which are a good thing to have), to make the code more readable here:

Day = GetDay();Month = GetMonth();

NumberToString(Day, sJday);
NumberToString(Month, sMonth);

OpenOutgoingCommunication( chFTPSERVER );

//File DataLogA
sSendFile = "dest:/" + sMonth + "/DataLogA_" + sJday + ".txt";
SendCommunicationHandleCommand( sFTPSERVER , sSendFile );
TransmitStrTable( nTableMax , 0, stDataA, chFTPSERVER );    

//File DataLogB
sSendFile = "dest:/" + sMonth + "/DataLogB_" + sJday + ".txt";
SendCommunicationHandleCommand( sFTPSERVER , sSendFile );
TransmitStrTable( nTableMax , 0, stDataB, chFTPSERVER );    

CloseCommunication( chFTPSERVER );

thanks a lot…I will check this one… !!