How to do a simulation of a strategy - old forum post

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Can I do a simulation in this case?

Hi All,

I have a build my strategy by opto22script and flowchart.

I have two questions:

1- How I can test my software without using a hardware?

2- How can I connect to PAC Display without hardware, just for demonstration?

the reason for that, I phoned a company in my region to ask him to hire an opto22 divice from them, and they told me that I have to pay 400£/month ! I’m a full student , I’m not able to pay this amount :frowning:

I’m realy need your help asap, and if there is any need to upload my strategy to this post I will be happy to do it .

Many thanks.
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Re: Can I do a simulation in this case?


You should be able to do all of this without spending a pound. PAC Project Basic is free and the simulator is available free as well.

(PAC Project Basic)


And an XP or Win2K PC to run all this stuff on.

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Re: Can I do a simulation in this case?

Thanks for your replay, but I’m still beginner !. can you till me please step by step ?

when I press Mode --> Debug

the program ask me about hardware !

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Re: Can I do a simulation in this case?

You need to configure your control engine to be the PAC Sim (using an IP address of Also, the simulator does not recognize any direct inputs because obviously its a simulation and there are no inputs. One way to simulate inputs is use variables that you can link to a key on your computer keyboard.
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Re: Can I do a simulation in this case?

Opto has a “starter’s kit,” so to speak, that is really what you need to get a basic idea of what PAC Control, PAC Display, and PAC Sim software do. It’s here:

It’s called the PAC Project Demo, and it includes a short tutorial document that gets you started with these software applications, including using PAC Sim.