How to create SparkPlugB payload with nested properties /PropertySet in NodeRED

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I am trying to issue a sparkplug payload with nested properties but it throws error in Node-RED. What should be the correct payload format . Are there any docs ?

I don’t know if this will help, and I’m not for sure my export will even work (Because I did edit(remove) a couple of my protected data points).

This is my flow in which I read data back from a couple of Api calls and then using Mqtt (Sparkplug B) publish that data to my Ignition Scada Server.

But maybe it will get you started in a different direction.

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P.S. I just a biginner with Node Red so I’m sure there will be other people that can help also. (1.5 KB)

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Looking at the debug tab, you can see the ‘touppercase’ type error.
So the error is not in the code you show, but somewhere else in your flow.
What the error is saying… you are trying to convert something like a number to uppercase and it cant, since the command touppercase only works on object types of strings, not floats or ints.

Go back to your function block that has the to uppercase command and see whats being injected into it, you will find that there are some numbers, change them to strings at the very least.