How to communicate groovEPIC with PCVue SCADA?

Hi there, I currently working on one project that need me to integrate groovEPIC controller with TCP window software(PCVue SCADA). The issue is I face difficulty to do modbus address mapping. I already used scratch pad but I unable to read the data that generate by processor by using Modscan. Is that I miss the important step or have another method to communicate groovEPIC with TCP window software.

Hi Robani961106,

you have access to all I/Os and the scratchpad via Modbus-TCP protocol, while the groov EPIC is a Modbus-TCP Slave and your Windows Software is the Modbus Master.
In groov Manage you have tools to calculate the MMP and Modbus Addresses for thos memory areas. They are located under the I/O Services when you look at the I/O modules in groov Manage:

By selecting the MMP area you want to read, you get all values showed for that area and the associated Modbus registers.

If you need to get access to PAC Contro variables and other tags than the I/Os, you will have to map those tags from PAC Control to the ScratchPad area of the controller.

Make sure you the firewall opened for the Modbus protocoll at the Ethernet Interface you are using.

If you are using PAC Control for programming, you can also use on OPC Server for PAC Control based systems. We have an OPC-DA based server available called OptoOPCServer.
Companies like Kepware offer an OPC-UA Server for PAC Control.

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