How to change groov AT1 port number

How do I change the port number from the default of 10000?

groov is built from the ground up with security first and foremost. As such, you cant change the port numbers.

Can I ask why you want to change it?
(Been using groov since it was before it was released and never seen a request to change groov Admin, we have had one or two to change the other port (443 and or 8443), but never 10000).
I am really interested in the use case here…

This building was built to withstand an 8.0 earthquake. As such, you can’t change the color of the carpet.

What does one have to do with the other?


Ben, my groov AT1 currently has a port number of 10000, I want to change it to 443, not the other way. I don’t recall setting the port to 10000, I assume it was the default port for AT1 groov box. Do I have to RESET the groov to be able to change the port number? I read Opto22 groov guides and can’t find instructions to change port number. Thanks, Larry

groov Admin is set to port 10000 (and cant be changed).
groov View (and Build) are on ports 443 and 8443 (and cant be changed).

If you are inside your firewall, hit https://yourhostnameOrIP to check port 443, the default https port for groov View.
You can then check https://yourhostnameOrIP:8443 to check port 8443, the default https alternate port for groov View.
Lastly, hit https://yourhostnameOrIP:10000 to check for groov Admin.

If all this works as expected, then the mix up is on your router or some other network device that you have in the path.

In short, you are correct, there is no documentation for changing the port numbers because you cant.

Thank you Ben for clearing up my confusion. The reason I asked was my IT Dept did a network scan and it showed up as using port 10000. Do you know how that would be possible? Thanks again for your support, Larry

Port 10000 will show up because it has a mini web server behind it to serve up the groov Admin pages.
(Like wise port 443 and 8443 will show up in a scan because there is a server behind them to serve up the groov View log in page).

OK, now I understand the groov ports are static. Is it possible to configure the groov box AT1 to only allow admin (port 10000) to by accessed from a specific computer IP address, similar to a filter on a router? My IT guys are not so concerned about the 443 and 8443 ports, but the 10000 port seems to bother them a bit. They understand that the groov has 256 encryption, which is good, but controlling admin access is their focus of concern. Any advice on admin access control? Thanks again, Larry

“If it’s easy, it’s not secure”.
That is a key concept to keep in mind.

To specifically answer your question; I am glad you and your IT guys are asking it, many don’t.
We covered it over the course of 6 blog entries. Please start at the last and work your way back through them.

After chewing through that, if you, or your IT guys have any questions, just ask.

I just ran into this same problem. In my situation, the cellular modem’s UI is accessed through port 10000. Which can not be changed either. So that left me without configuring the Groov remotely. Then, i realized in the modem settings, i can set the Groov admin’s original destination port to 10001 then set the new destination port to 10000. So the cellular modem’s UI is https://bla.bla.bla.bla:10000 and the Groov admin is https://bla.bla.bla.bla:10001 (which forwards to :10000). Couldn’t believe it worked, but I’ll take it. :slight_smile:

Thank you Ben, I will work with my IT dept to satisfy their requirements and still get my job done. Larry

This port forwarding is the easiest way to ‘get around’ the situation of having two services on the one IP address.
I have 3 groov’s running in a lab, two AR1 Boxes and 1 groov Server for Windows. All are accessible from the internet, I just use different port numbers to enter the lab and the router spits each out to an IP address and the ports 443 and 10000 on each server.

The better way to do it is using a VPN. This way you put another layer of security between groov and the Internet and there is no need to remember what port numbers you need.