How to assign a PAC R1 a hostname?

I know that PAC R1 controller require a static IP address, but I am interested in also giving it a hostname. It looks like the only opportunity to give it a hostname is when you are giving the PAC R1 a IP address for the first time. PAC Manager instructs the user to leave DNS and Hostname blank when assigning a static IP address the first time. Is that because that is the standard set up? I don’t see how to assign a hostname after I have given a PAC R1 a static IP address already. I assume that the hostname will be seen on the network as well as the IP address, correct? Thanks, Kosmos

Hi Kosmos,
While PAC Manager makes it look like you can set/save the hostname (in a couple different places), that area of the memory map only works for E1/E2 hardware.
To use a hostname with an R1, you’d need use another method to map your IP/mac to a name, for example, in your router’s configuration or the “hosts” file in Windows. That’s assuming here you’re just using a LAN, yes?
I hope that helps!