How to achieve simultaneous output point changes


I am using a R1 and a ODC-32-SRC to control a programmable positioning device (SMC LECP1) This device has 4 inputs that it reads to decide what position to take and two other inputs to indicate RESET and STOP. The signals sent to it must all change simultaneously (within 3ms). I assumed that using four separate TurnOn commands in a row might not be fast enough, so I have dedicated one Digital Output module to a slot and use the command;
Trashcan = WriteNumToIoUnitMemMap(FT5_IO,0xF180C008,SamplePositionCommand);
This works, but I am currently using an ODC-32 module for only 4 output points. If I use a 4ch Digital Output module will the memory locations remain the same?
I don’t use any of the other outputs on the module because I assumed a conflict would happen with other charts turning out points on/off.It seemed I would need to read the state of all points on that module, modify the first 4 points, then write it again. And if another chart changed a point after this chart had read the module status but before the writing occurred, there would be trouble.

Check out the SetHddModuleFromMomo command - you will need to turn on legacy commands: File > Strategy Options > Legacy tab > Original High Density Digital commands.