How often does Node-Red check for updates to installed nodes?

I’ve written a few custom nodes for my EPIC and in the process learned quite a bit about Javascript programming. I’ve gone all the way through publishing a package via npm and importing it into the library at I’ve installed the nodes onto my EPIC with no problem, but I’m wondering if there’s any way to force Node-RED to check for updates once a node is installed. I can see the updated version on and, but my EPIC isn’t recognizing that an update is available. Any thoughts?

Node-RED on EPIC and RIO are vanilla installs. We just put them behind our HTTPS and authentication wrapper.

Your question would be best answered by the devs on their Slack channel or in the main Node-RED forum.

Thanks for the response @Beno. Normally I would just force an update from the command line, but I’m trying to avoid shell access on the EPIC if at all possible in order to expand future support options.

In working on this project today, it looks like it checks for updated versions at least once every hour or two, so that’s totally fine with me. No problems after that installing the update, restarting Node-RED, and then running the updated code.