How much is the number of maximum IO supported by OPTO PAC?

How much is the maximum number of IO for OPTO22’s SNAP PAC system (With wired or wireless network configuration)?

Which SNAP PAC system are you asking about? I know that the SNAP PAC R1 or R2 can have up to 16 modules with up to 32 channels each which means a total of 512 I/O channels

I/O channels, or racks?

Each rack can have 4, 8, 12 or 16 modules.
You can have (with high density) modules up to around 250+ channels of data.

The rack can hold a controller or Ethernet Brain, the controllers can have up to 16 charts or programs running to manage their I/O or other racks.
The EB’s talk back to another controller, or you can address them via another language like .Net or C# etc.

It would be more than worth your time to review the PAC System Guide;

So back to your question… Lots. Lots and lots. Thousands +. Just depends on how you chose to configure the system.

Thanks a lot for your advise…

Along the same line, how many EBs can be managed from a single SoftPAC instance? I currently cycle through each EB instance from a single chart. I was figuring 100 for my oil field app, but that was my own limit. Is it limited by the amount of memory, or are there defined limits.

Hi Marty,

Ben’s out this week, but there are no “defined limits.” I’m hoping this ‘single chart’ you mention makes use of a pointer table so you can loop through (like our I/O Enabler sample strategy does)? I’d imagine you’d hit time limitations before memory. How long does it typically take for these EBs to reply? (I’m assuming they’re remote?) How often does communications go down to them?

It is a very simple question to answer (and yes, I am making a joke)… whats your sanity limit?
Since it really only comes down to the Networking subnet you are using, you can talk to a LOT of EB’s from SoftPAC… Keeping track of all of them? Well, that’s where the sanity check comes in.